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Ann Beal is a Christian Counselor, Life Coach, and International Speaker. She is the owner and director of Life Solution Coaching and Counseling, a full-service wellness clinic in Haslet, Texas. She has hosted wellness shows on TV and Radio for 20 years. Getting Better with Ann Beal incorporates a talk show, a health and wellness show, and a motivational empowerment show all in one. Ann and her guests share their lessons on how to get better in every area of life, sharing what they have learned and giving better insight into how to live a healthy and successful life. Getting Better incorporates all areas of wellness including financial, emotional, spiritual, occupational, mental, and physical to allow you to truly keep getting better every week.

Getting Better with Ann Beal

Janet Perez Eckles: Part 1 Now I Can See - Blindness Could Not Stop Her Incredible Life Journey

Sun, 20 Aug 2023
Janet Perez Eckles, Author, Speaker, Florida Senior Ms. America, Dancer, Joyful Soul

Adversity gets in our way and can often cause us to give up on our dreams. Janet shares her incredible journey and expresses her commitment to you to prove how adversity doesn’t have to stop you and situations out of your control don’t have to slow you down. "While the rest of the world is sinking in fear, together we’ll find that unique path that allows you to soar to personal triumph and professional success." You will love listening to her!

Listen in to hear Janet share about how she was able to do amazing things, never give up and believe that she was bound for great things. All shared in her new book, Now I See.

"I’ll teach you the same path that took me from fear to faith, to success and confidence. Initially, I feared that blindness at 30 would stop me from a full life of abundance. I worried that the tragic loss of my son to violence would erase hope of happiness and joy. I dreaded living a life with injustice when the man responsible for his death was acquitted. And when my husband left me, I fought anxious moments that rejection brought.
My life might seem one of adversity. But through God, my story shines with victory and joy. That’s why for 20 years, I’ve dedicated my life to show you, no matter what setback you’re facing, how victory is won, how fear is overcome and how true richness in life is found. I believe your own success, victory, and triumphant life are only as close as your determination and faith.

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Paul Renfro - The Unseen Realm

Sat, 19 Aug 2023
Paul Renfro, Author of The Unseen Series (Book 1 Nobody Sees This You: How to Live as a Spirit in the Unseen Realm, Book 2 Nobody Sees This Unseen Realm: How to Unlock Bible Mysteries)

In our days, a burgeoning number of people worldwide are perceiving unseen realities. The gap between seen and unseen, between natural and spirit, is narrowing. You were magnetized to this book and the Unseen series because you also feel the nearing of the invisible. You are not alone in this. I wrote this series to equip you and your friends for holy perception of that world.

Normal questions arise. How can you interpret what you are faintly perceiving? Are there rules? Guidelines? What’s causing your growing awareness of the hidden world? Why you? Can you make your perception clearer? Can you make it stop?

Respected as a great explainer, Paul Refroe’s grasp of the truths in the Bible is praised by many. With practice hearing God’s voice in specific situations, he has sharp discernment and effective suggestions for what people wrestle with. His publications condense this depth and breadth for you to go even further. May God bless you like Paul—with lifelong hunger for intimacy with Him.

The Renfroes love waking people to life as functioning spirits. All their books and products serve this purpose.

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Allen Parr: Don't Be MISLED

Mon, 10 Jul 2023
Allen Parr - As an author, national transformational speaker and Christian YouTuber, Allen helps millions of people worldwide discover God’s unique calling on their lives through practical and engaging Bible teaching.
"As Christians, we are called to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Whether through writing, creating engaging online content, online courses, or speaking from the stage, my goal remains the same. I exist to equip disciples to be disciple makers.



False teachings are rampant even in the church.

God calls us to exercise discernment and to test every spirit. But this can be difficult at times when there is so much false teaching circulating throughout the church. How can we be sure that we are not being deceived by false teachings and false teachers? Allen's book Misled: 7 Lies That Distort The Gospel (And How You Can Discern The Truth) will help safeguard you from destructive false teachings that take you further away from the gospel and from Christ. Buy it on

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Tobias Elvhage - Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities

Thu, 06 Jul 2023
Rising Star Filmmaker Tobias Elvhage of Fenix Film
CEO of Fenix Film, Tobias Elvhage is an award-winning producer and director with a passion for engaging and touching stories. He has studied at Berghs School of Communication and Stockholm Media School. His most recent productions range from the “haute cuisine” docuseries Taste of France, to historical and contemporary documentaries, to docuseries with re-enactments. His film Pure Life was voted Best Short Film at the LA Documentary Film Festival and was named winner at the European Cinematography Awards. The short is an official selection of the upcoming Toronto Beaches Film Festival. His latest film is the docudrama Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities that debuted on EpochTV on Jun 29,2023.
Tobias saw an investigative reportage by the Swedish Television about the severe side effects of puberty blockers and cross sex hormones — these are given to young people of today in order for them to start changing to the opposite sex. After watching, he felt that it’s a very important matter that is in need of exploration — how can children be influenced to destroy their bodies and become sterile?
Initially, I thought it would be quite an ordinary documentary but when I started to interview people in the United States, I came across a woman named Abigail Martinez, who had lost custody of one of her daughters because she didn’t agree on her changing her gender at a very early age. The whole team felt it was such a heart-gripping story and we decided to make it into a docudrama, following Abigail and her daughter, and at the same time, we had experts and people who’ve regretted their sex change to speak out to give a picture of how and why this is happening, and also who is profiting from this.

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Transparent: How to See Through the Powerful Assumptions That Control You

Mon, 03 Jul 2023
Have you ever try to change someone's mind and no matter what evidence you show them, they don't budge? We all have.
David Richardson studied this topic at Oxford and explains why this happens and how to change that person by first understanding their underlying assumptions.

David Richardson, Author, Oxford Scholar
Transparent: How to See Through the Powerful Assumptions That Control You

Assumptions are the most potent of ideas, but also the least understood. Transparent reveals what assumptions we make, how they control us, and how they are all inherently religious. Even atheists are religious at the level of their assumptions. Some assumptions are true and most are not. How can you tell without being an intellectual? Transparent introduces the Transparent App, an innovative and creative tool that helps people quickly see through the messages they encounter daily in the things they read, watch, and hear using the power of assumptions. The Transparent App is simple enough for a student to use, but powerful enough for adults to find God and engage with Him in their areas of interest, expertise, and leadership. How can someone bring God with them to work or school? How does God give us knowledge and guidance in the things that matter in real life? At the level of assumptions God is everywhere. Transparent is not just a theoretical theological exercise for intellectuals. It “translates” the complex ideologies of the intellectuals into everyday language for everyday people. Written more like an adventure than a textbook, Transparent is a refreshing departure from the usual books about apologetics, theology, and culture. Students, parents, pastors, and professionals will all love Transparent.

Dave Richardson is also the President of the Assumptions Institute, an educational organization that helps individuals and groups find God and engage with Him in their areas of interest, expertise, and leadership. We do that with resources and strategies that use the power of assumptions to discover what is true and align our public lives with that truth.

Contact Dave on his website

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